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Hello blogging world!!


The Loco Life…

Loco = Crazy

My life is crazy!!

And these are the things I’m LOCO about:

My hubby, Aaron
My children, Braxton and Brielle
My family
Food Network
Diet Coke
Mexican Food
Good coffee
And Dark Chocolate.
…..(there is more to me than this short list I promise).

The Cast


This is me, Jenna. I have crazy red curly hair that has its own personality and zip code!! I am a stay at home mama to a highly active toddler boy and a beautiful baby girl. I’ve been married to my man for almost 8 years and I admire him more than anyone else on this earth. I struggle with perfectionism. I don’t believe I belong in this blogging world because the only camera I own is my iPhone and I don’t have an Etsy business. But with two young kids I am somewhat isolated so I hope to gain some friendships through this crazy blogging world!!! Another crazy thing about me….I don’t have a Facebook!!! (gasp)


This is my hubby, Aaron. He’s the hardest working guy I know. He works two jobs so I can stay home and raise our kids. He built our first and second home with his 60 year old daddy. Neither are builders or contractors..just hard workers that have some experience. His day jobs include working at a Credit Union as a loan officer and he works part time doing some bookkeeping. He loves all sports, mostly football and loves working out and being active. He also loves the Lord with hi whole heart.


This is my first born, Braxton. Everyday he surprises and blesses us with his sweetness of heart and his HIGH energy levels. This child is all BOY!!! His daddy is his Hero, he loves Veggie Tales, Goldfish, being outside and building with blocks.


And last we have our baby girl, Brielle. She was born on November 9th and in the short time she’s been apart of our family we are all smittin with her!!! She is very much a mamas girl but loves watching and giggling at her big bro and loves snuggling with her daddy. She likes to be right in the middle of what’s going on and we joke that she’s a toddler stuck in a babies body!!!!