Weekend Sevens


Love Katygirls Weekend Sevens so I’m totally copying her idea!!!


1. Saturday morning my favorite movie of all times was on!! Am I the only one who sits through watching movies on tv that I own?? Why? I do not know. Some of my favorite scenes are always edited out and then there’s the endless commercials!!! I guess commercials make good breaks for coffee refills and diaper changes!!!

2. Got a pair of my “skinny pre-pregnancy” jeans on, zipped, and I was able to walk and breathe in them!!!! Why does the weight NOT come off as easy the second time??? Wore them for a few hours and then put my favorite thrift store CK jeans back on….Saturdays are all about comfort people!!


3. Hubby watched the kids so I could go grocery shopping alone. Came home with this cute cup and no diet coke. Trying to make healthier choices. This cup will be my motivation to drink more water!!!!


4. This devotional ROCKS!!! I love having more time on the weekends to really let the Word soak in!!


5. This is the face of a little girl who has poo all the way up her back. Good times, good times.


6. Got this text from my mom Sunday morning!!! Can’t wait to get my new wristlet!!!!


7. Went to hubby’s favorite store on Sunday. I think it’s the only store you can buy a 2×4, a brownie mix, baby wipes and Breaking Dawn on DVD! I kid you not!!!!


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