12 on 12


So since today is the 12th I thought I’d pick 12 of my favorite things to tell you all about.


1. Wen cleansing conditioner is my one big splurge. I justify it since I never get my hair cut. It’s been 18 months since my last haircut…no joke.

2. These two Philosophy products are my beauty regimen. I have very sensitive skin and I’ve never had any irritation from using them.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is my FAVORITE perfume of all times. I only get it as a gift because it’s $$$$$. But if you’ve never smelled it you must…like ASAP.

4. This Bath & Body Works pillow mist is a total must at my house. A few sprays of this and I feel like I’m at some fancy hotel.


5. Sophie the Giraffe is an extremely overpriced teether toy. Since Brielle was only a few weeks old at Christmas I splurged and got her this and only this. And she loves it. Worth every dollar in my opinion.

6. These Nuk baby spoons are the bomb diggity. Hubby picked them out at Target. I totally wouldn’t have picked them but I’m so glad he did.

7. I love all California Baby Products but this Calendula cream is by far my favorite. It’s a wonderful all around lotion, and its great for diaper rash & cradle cap. Also smells pretty wonderful!!!


8. This was my “summer gift” from my mom. It’s a Vera Bradley Wristlet . It’s one of the most functional things I own. Being a mom with young kids I don’t usually carry a purse since I don’t have a spare arm, shoulder, or hand so this little thing is very handy when I am not. It fits my iPhone, a few cards and some cash-o-la.

9. I got this little cutie at our local dollar store for $5!!!! My hubby always says “We are so blessed” so I had to buy it.

10. Dear Starbucks Blonde Roast you have ruined my grocery budget. I cannot live without you in my coffee cup. I try to cheat on you with cheaper coffee but I keep coming back to you dear friend.

11. Ok seriously I made myself sick on these Mint M&Ms one night. And these are just as nummy!!

12. Three words: Love my Toms!!!


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  1. starbucks blonde roast wins at life.
    i use it in my reusable k-cups everyday.
    i really want to buy the prepackaged ones, but its BALLER expensive.

    but i can pack my own kcup with the best of them. šŸ™‚

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