Weekend Sevens


1. Started training for a 5k in September. Downloaded the “couch to 5k” app on my trusty iPhone for .99, it rocks.


2. I made up my mind that I need to go through the entire house and do a major deep clean and purge. I did the bathroom Saturday and the laundry room/entry way Sunday. Kitchen is on the docket for Monday and Tuesday!!!


3. Saturday Braxton came running down the hall saying “play dough” over and over. The kid is kinda obsessed with the stuff. As he gets closer to me I realize that he has something dark all over his fingers…..not play dough. He had stuck his hand down his dirty diaper…yup not play dough. First time he’s ever done that and hopefully the last.

4. Another Braxton story…. Every night we read the same three books to Braxton before he goes to bed. Saturday night after he had been sleeping for about an hour I went in to check on him and he had the three books in his bed like they were stuffed animals. It was so sweet I almost started crying. Hormones!!!!!

5. Brielle and I went on our first solo shopping trip! She slept through the whole outing but it was still really fun. Old Navy had an additional 30% off clearance!!! I needed some super comfortable items since I spend my days sitting on the floor playing legos and chasing a toddler all around.


6. Our pool is all done and just warming up. Looking forward to using it very soon. We’ve given up vacations for three years to save for this and I know we will get tons of use out I it!!!


7. Sunday Aaron felt the best he has felt since his surgery last Friday. He will be off of work for at least one more week but I’m so glad he felt more like himself for Fathers Day!!! It’s been a rough recovery for him. We just relaxed around the house, played with water balloons and I went and got Applebee’s takeout for dinner.



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