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Weekend Sevens


1. Started training for a 5k in September. Downloaded the “couch to 5k” app on my trusty iPhone for .99, it rocks.


2. I made up my mind that I need to go through the entire house and do a major deep clean and purge. I did the bathroom Saturday and the laundry room/entry way Sunday. Kitchen is on the docket for Monday and Tuesday!!!


3. Saturday Braxton came running down the hall saying “play dough” over and over. The kid is kinda obsessed with the stuff. As he gets closer to me I realize that he has something dark all over his fingers…..not play dough. He had stuck his hand down his dirty diaper…yup not play dough. First time he’s ever done that and hopefully the last.

4. Another Braxton story…. Every night we read the same three books to Braxton before he goes to bed. Saturday night after he had been sleeping for about an hour I went in to check on him and he had the three books in his bed like they were stuffed animals. It was so sweet I almost started crying. Hormones!!!!!

5. Brielle and I went on our first solo shopping trip! She slept through the whole outing but it was still really fun. Old Navy had an additional 30% off clearance!!! I needed some super comfortable items since I spend my days sitting on the floor playing legos and chasing a toddler all around.


6. Our pool is all done and just warming up. Looking forward to using it very soon. We’ve given up vacations for three years to save for this and I know we will get tons of use out I it!!!


7. Sunday Aaron felt the best he has felt since his surgery last Friday. He will be off of work for at least one more week but I’m so glad he felt more like himself for Fathers Day!!! It’s been a rough recovery for him. We just relaxed around the house, played with water balloons and I went and got Applebee’s takeout for dinner.



12 on 12


So since today is the 12th I thought I’d pick 12 of my favorite things to tell you all about.


1. Wen cleansing conditioner is my one big splurge. I justify it since I never get my hair cut. It’s been 18 months since my last haircut…no joke.

2. These two Philosophy products are my beauty regimen. I have very sensitive skin and I’ve never had any irritation from using them.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is my FAVORITE perfume of all times. I only get it as a gift because it’s $$$$$. But if you’ve never smelled it you must…like ASAP.

4. This Bath & Body Works pillow mist is a total must at my house. A few sprays of this and I feel like I’m at some fancy hotel.


5. Sophie the Giraffe is an extremely overpriced teether toy. Since Brielle was only a few weeks old at Christmas I splurged and got her this and only this. And she loves it. Worth every dollar in my opinion.

6. These Nuk baby spoons are the bomb diggity. Hubby picked them out at Target. I totally wouldn’t have picked them but I’m so glad he did.

7. I love all California Baby Products but this Calendula cream is by far my favorite. It’s a wonderful all around lotion, and its great for diaper rash & cradle cap. Also smells pretty wonderful!!!


8. This was my “summer gift” from my mom. It’s a Vera Bradley Wristlet . It’s one of the most functional things I own. Being a mom with young kids I don’t usually carry a purse since I don’t have a spare arm, shoulder, or hand so this little thing is very handy when I am not. It fits my iPhone, a few cards and some cash-o-la.

9. I got this little cutie at our local dollar store for $5!!!! My hubby always says “We are so blessed” so I had to buy it.

10. Dear Starbucks Blonde Roast you have ruined my grocery budget. I cannot live without you in my coffee cup. I try to cheat on you with cheaper coffee but I keep coming back to you dear friend.

11. Ok seriously I made myself sick on these Mint M&Ms one night. And these are just as nummy!!

12. Three words: Love my Toms!!!

Weekend Sevens



1. Aaron had back surgery on Friday. He doesn’t rest well. It’s gonna be a rough few weeks.


2. Braxton got to spend some quality time with my sister durning Aaron’s surgery. I’m not sure who had more fun!!!


3. Brielle spent most of the day at the hospital with me and my parents. She was a complete angel!


4. Thank God for family!! Aaron’s dad and brothers worked all weekend on our pool project. Aaron was really looking forward to working on this project this summer. But God had other plans.


5. Shopping for girls is so much fun!!!


6. Anyone else joining in on Beth Moore blog for summer bible study??? My book came this weekend. Kelly Minters studies rock!!!


7. Our sweet girl was 7months old on Saturday.

Peter Pan is one smart fella!!


Being an adult is sometimes no fun. Why are we all in such a hurry to grow up???

Yesterday I had just sat down to have lunch with the kids when I got a call that Aaron could be seen by a neuro surgeon that afternoon instead of waiting till the end of June. Which was great “answer to prayer” kinda news. The kicker: the doctor was two hours from home. Aaron left work and I ran around getting kids changed, myself presentable, snacks packed, house cleaned up ….blah blah blah.


We made it safe and sound to the doctors office and waited three hours to be seen, which was fine because they were “squeezing” us in. Braxton and Brielle were angels!!! I didn’t even want to mention out loud how good for fear it would all come unraveled as soon as those words escaped my mouth.


We walked out of the doctors office at 6:03pm and left town by 6:30 after a quick bite to eat. And that’s when our luck ran out! A day of no naps, long car rides, a small waiting room and stressful news all came to ahead. It was ugly. Not one of my finer moments that’s for sure. With both kids crying screaming Aaron and I got edgy. We both said things we didn’t mean. It wasn’t cool. But it’s real life.


While the coffee pot worked on making my “personality” for the day I worked on my SheReadsTruth devotional. Topic today for me….. TOXIC WORDS!!!! Ummm yeah GUILTY AS CHARGED. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Instead I read the verses given over and over and focused on the devotional.


So with a teething baby, a toddler suffering with bad allergies, a hubby going under the knife on Friday, a huge outdoor project on hold till hubby is recovered, I WILL make every effort to choose words of life that bear fruit no matter what is unraveling around me. Because those toxic words… They are poison and kill.

Words kill, words give life; their either poison or fruit-you choose

Proverbs 18:21 (The Message)


Weekend Sevens


Love Katygirls Weekend Sevens so I’m totally copying her idea!!!


1. Saturday morning my favorite movie of all times was on!! Am I the only one who sits through watching movies on tv that I own?? Why? I do not know. Some of my favorite scenes are always edited out and then there’s the endless commercials!!! I guess commercials make good breaks for coffee refills and diaper changes!!!

2. Got a pair of my “skinny pre-pregnancy” jeans on, zipped, and I was able to walk and breathe in them!!!! Why does the weight NOT come off as easy the second time??? Wore them for a few hours and then put my favorite thrift store CK jeans back on….Saturdays are all about comfort people!!


3. Hubby watched the kids so I could go grocery shopping alone. Came home with this cute cup and no diet coke. Trying to make healthier choices. This cup will be my motivation to drink more water!!!!


4. This devotional ROCKS!!! I love having more time on the weekends to really let the Word soak in!!


5. This is the face of a little girl who has poo all the way up her back. Good times, good times.


6. Got this text from my mom Sunday morning!!! Can’t wait to get my new wristlet!!!!


7. Went to hubby’s favorite store on Sunday. I think it’s the only store you can buy a 2×4, a brownie mix, baby wipes and Breaking Dawn on DVD! I kid you not!!!!

Feed My Family Friday!!!


feed my family friday

Ok ya’all I’m linking up with Becky for Feed My Family Friday and tonight it’s mock Chinese takeout night!!

Tonight’s dinner preparation required a snack because I ate a large salad for lunch so I could enjoy this meal without guilt. My snack..TART green grape.

First on the menu Shrimp Rangoons!! Mixed half a container of reduced fat cream cheese a little mayo and some chopped up shrimp. Spooned that mixture into some wonton wrappers that I sprayed with cooking oil before plopping in the muffin tin. Put these babies in the oven at 350 for 15-20 min.

On to the main course. I started by sautéing up some pork that I had marinaded in soy and ginger.

Then I boiled up some soy beans to add some color!

A box of Rice-a-Roni fried rice and cooked according to the package.

And then I added the pork and beans to the rice along with two eggs.

As Rachel Ray would say…”yumm-o”.

Week In Review




Monday we traveled north about 70 miles to spend the night with my sister, and her hubby. We took the kids to the beach, ate frozen custard and Braxton fell in love with their hammock.



Tuesday I started this awesome devotional study through YouVersion that I first heard about on Jenna’s website. This weeks focus has been on replacing “toxic thoughts” with Gods truths. Good stuff!!!!



Wednesday I did something I pinned on Pinterest almost 1 year ago!!!! Am I the only one?? I took a frame I wasn’t using added cute scrapbook paper and turned it into a scripture dry erase board. Each day I’m choosing a verse from my time with the Lord to display.




Thursday night I left the house alone with an overdue library book to return and a $20 bill. Big outing for this mama!!! I don’t get out much can ya tell???? Came home with stuff to make pork fried rice, shrimp rangoon, and grilled peaches with frozen vanilla yogurt.



I have to read my bible every morning. It’s the way I need to start my day. If I don’t I’m ugly! I had to laugh at the irony of today’s devotional in Jesus Calling. In a nut shell it was talking about God being involved in each moment of our day. Even the messy imperfection. The irony is that I was sitting on the floor in Braxton’s room as he tried to stick Mr. Potato head parts up my nose and in my ears, I was trying to hand a different toy to Brielle every few moments to keep her content, the kitchen was still a mess from breakfast and one of my kiddos was still in PJs!! The amazing thing was I was able to be “ok” with all of that and still focus on getting my time in with the Lord and then tackle the rest. Time spent with the Lord is NEVER time wasted!!!