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Peter Pan is one smart fella!!


Being an adult is sometimes no fun. Why are we all in such a hurry to grow up???

Yesterday I had just sat down to have lunch with the kids when I got a call that Aaron could be seen by a neuro surgeon that afternoon instead of waiting till the end of June. Which was great “answer to prayer” kinda news. The kicker: the doctor was two hours from home. Aaron left work and I ran around getting kids changed, myself presentable, snacks packed, house cleaned up ….blah blah blah.


We made it safe and sound to the doctors office and waited three hours to be seen, which was fine because they were “squeezing” us in. Braxton and Brielle were angels!!! I didn’t even want to mention out loud how good for fear it would all come unraveled as soon as those words escaped my mouth.


We walked out of the doctors office at 6:03pm and left town by 6:30 after a quick bite to eat. And that’s when our luck ran out! A day of no naps, long car rides, a small waiting room and stressful news all came to ahead. It was ugly. Not one of my finer moments that’s for sure. With both kids crying screaming Aaron and I got edgy. We both said things we didn’t mean. It wasn’t cool. But it’s real life.


While the coffee pot worked on making my “personality” for the day I worked on my SheReadsTruth devotional. Topic today for me….. TOXIC WORDS!!!! Ummm yeah GUILTY AS CHARGED. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Instead I read the verses given over and over and focused on the devotional.


So with a teething baby, a toddler suffering with bad allergies, a hubby going under the knife on Friday, a huge outdoor project on hold till hubby is recovered, I WILL make every effort to choose words of life that bear fruit no matter what is unraveling around me. Because those toxic words… They are poison and kill.

Words kill, words give life; their either poison or fruit-you choose

Proverbs 18:21 (The Message)