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Week In Review




Monday we traveled north about 70 miles to spend the night with my sister, and her hubby. We took the kids to the beach, ate frozen custard and Braxton fell in love with their hammock.



Tuesday I started this awesome devotional study through YouVersion that I first heard about on Jenna’s website. This weeks focus has been on replacing “toxic thoughts” with Gods truths. Good stuff!!!!



Wednesday I did something I pinned on Pinterest almost 1 year ago!!!! Am I the only one?? I took a frame I wasn’t using added cute scrapbook paper and turned it into a scripture dry erase board. Each day I’m choosing a verse from my time with the Lord to display.




Thursday night I left the house alone with an overdue library book to return and a $20 bill. Big outing for this mama!!! I don’t get out much can ya tell???? Came home with stuff to make pork fried rice, shrimp rangoon, and grilled peaches with frozen vanilla yogurt.



I have to read my bible every morning. It’s the way I need to start my day. If I don’t I’m ugly! I had to laugh at the irony of today’s devotional in Jesus Calling. In a nut shell it was talking about God being involved in each moment of our day. Even the messy imperfection. The irony is that I was sitting on the floor in Braxton’s room as he tried to stick Mr. Potato head parts up my nose and in my ears, I was trying to hand a different toy to Brielle every few moments to keep her content, the kitchen was still a mess from breakfast and one of my kiddos was still in PJs!! The amazing thing was I was able to be “ok” with all of that and still focus on getting my time in with the Lord and then tackle the rest. Time spent with the Lord is NEVER time wasted!!!